Moving From Queensland To Tasmania

With more than 2,000 kilometres separating Queensland from Tasmania, travelling from the state to the island involves a minimum driving time of 31 hours. If you’re based in the northern part of the region, moving from Queensland to Tasmania means travelling more than 3,300 kilometres, so it’s certainly not something to be attempted on a whim. 

While moving locally can sometimes be achieved with help from friends and family members, even a relatively short move can be stressful if you don’t have help from professional movers. When you’re relocating from Queensland to Tasmania, however, it’s essential to have specialist help with the logistics. 

At Price’s Removals & Storages, we’ve been helping people move to the island for more than 65 years. First launched in 1948, we’ve built up a stellar reputation when it comes to intrastate, interstate and international relocations. With a wide range of services available, we can make your move from Queensland to Tasmania easier than you dreamed possible. 

Planning Your Relocation

Whether you’re relocating to be nearer to family, to take up a job offer or just because you’ve fallen in love with the island, you’ll want to ensure your move is planned with precision. It can take months or even years to plan this type of relocation, so the earlier you start planning, the easier the process will be. 

Of course, people don’t always devote months to organising a move, even one of this distance. If you receive a job offer or you want to move quickly for personal reasons, you might be looking for last-minute removal services to facilitate a swift relocation to Tasmania. If so, we’ll be more than happy to provide the assistance you need. 

Moving to a new home can always be a costly process but relocating to an entirely new location can increase your expenditure. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about expensive removal fees when you choose Price’s Removals & Storage as your relocation partners. 

Our door to door backend removal service enables you to make the most of low-cost removal services. With weekly availability, you can utilise our door to door backend removal services when you’re moving from Queensland to Tasmania and ensure your relocation is as cost-effective and convenient as possible. 

Secure Short and Long-Term Storage

When you’re moving from the northern part of the mainland down to Tasmania, you may not be ready to move your belongings into your new home straight away. If you’re renting a property while looking for a forever home, for example, you may want to keep your items in storage until you’ve found a property you love. 

Our short and long-term storage solutions provide you with the facilities you need to keep your items safe and secure. From bespoke furniture to household goods and high-value items, our storage options give you the flexibility you need when you’re planning a move.

To find out more, contact Price’s Removals & Furniture and talk to our team today on 1800 753 418.