Moving to or from Tasmania, or within Tasmania requires special expertise to ensure your goods arrive safely. Even with our very impressive record of care and attention, unforeseen accidents beyond our control can happen during transit.

Price's Removals & Storage recommend that you have insurance cover on your possessions during the move, and also for the time any of your goods are kept in storage.

You can relax knowing that if something happens, your items are insured. To make it easy for you, Price's Removals & Storage can arrange insurance on your behalf.

Fortunately, our excellent record means we can offer you insurance at very competitive rates - whether domestic or international. We can answer any questions in regard to the appropriate cover for your specific situation. Just ask your Price's Removals & Storage consultant about the options available, or download the Insurance Application Form. We can also save you time by providing a detailed contents list to help you quickly work out how much insurance you'll require whilst we are arranging your move.

Our Insurance Options

1. Replace as New

Price's Removals & Storage will provide replacement as new if repairs cannot be satisfactorily completed. This provides cover for your valued possessions from the moment we arrive at your home, right through to delivery at your new location.

2. A Range of Options to Suit Your Needs

As well as our standard moving insurance policies, you can also choose additional insurance cover, including:

  • Pairs and sets extension - Additional protection of a pair or complete set if only one part of the set is damaged or lost.
  • Mechanical and electrical derangement extension - Additional protection for the derangement of electrical and mechanical goods eg. videos, hi-fi's and personal computers.
  • Mould and mildew extension (applicable to International Shipments only) - Additional protection against damage by mould and mildew.
  • Packing and shipping extension - recover your packing and shipping costs in the case of the complete loss of your shipment.
  • Owner packed items - protection for the items you have packed yourself.

3. In-House Claims Moving Insurance Settlement

In the event of a claim, Price's Removals & Storage will settle claims promptly through our in-house claims team. You only need to deal with Price's Removals & Storage rather than being left to deal with an insurance company.