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As business is dynamic, office relocations must rely on the skills of an industry specialist – one with the experience to maximise efficiency, by minimising downtime. Prices Removals can assist you whether you are moving offices, establishing a new office at another location in Tasmania, or bringing in furniture and other items from the mainland. 

So, whether you need to move just around the corner, or across the state, Prices Removals specialises in developing a strategic relocation plan to suit the specific requirements of your business.  One that takes into consideration what your business needs, while it’s on the move.

Office Relocation Handy Hints

Floor Plans

It is important that floor plans be prepared showing the position and floor level for the furniture and equipment at your new premises.  Floor plans should use an allocated numbering system and colour coded labels.

Personal Items

Personal items (ie. Photos, ornaments, money, lap top computers, calculators etc) should be moved by individual staff members to your new office location.  These should not be packed in cartons as there is no insurance cover for items packed by staff.


All desks, mobile pedestals, bookcases and stationery cabinets must be emptied.  We will supply sufficient cartons, labels and tape to pack these items.


All items to be relocated must be clearly labelled with the Price's labels supplied.  These should be marked according to the information on the Floor Plan to assist Price's to relocate everything to its proper place at your new location.

No Label – No Go!

This includes all items such as computer equipment components, desk returns, glass table tops etc.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all items are labelled to ensure correct relocation.  Labels are to be clearly visible and preferable placed on sides of cartons, top corners of desks, the top front of filing and stationery cabinets, and on hard surfaces of chairs.

Office Furniture

Desks and cabinets should be emptied and their contents packed into cartons.  Lock or tape doors and drawers closed.

Packing Cartons

If you need extra packing cartons, simply ask your Price's Representative to supply them. Being of uniform dimension, this helps us to calculate the carrying capacity required for your move.  Do not overfill packing cartons as this may present problems when packing cartons into our trucks for transport.  Ensure that the top flaps remain level when folded closed.  Packing cartons will be picked up by Price's after unpacking has been completed. Ensure cartons are stored flat after unpacking and stacked in a central position for collection.

Security Crates

Security crates can be used for packing of files and personal items.  These crates remain the property of Price's and are to be returned after use.  Security crates will be collected after unpacking has been completed.  Any crates unaccounted for will be charged to the client at a rate of Forty Dollars ($40.00) per crate.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets should be prepared as follows:

4 drawer – empty the top 2 drawers
3 drawer – empty the top drawer
2 drawer – can remain full
Filing cabinets are to be locked where possible, or taped closed.  Do not leave keys in cabinet locks, tape them to the surface of the cabinet.  Drawers should be locked or taped at all times.

Office Equipment

Typewriters, calculators, desk lamps and other office resources should be disconnected from their power supply.  Price's uses special packing cartons and techniques to ensure safe transport of these items.  However, do apply colour coded labels to assist in their proper relocation at your new office.

Cardex & Floppy Disc Files

Cardex files and computer floppy disc files should have the lid locked or taped in place.  Loose business cards and computer discs can be secured in bundles with rubber bands and packed in a shipping carton.


You should advise your supplier/maintenance contractor of the removal date as they will probably need to prepare the unit for transportation, ie. Detachment of collator section.  Photocopiers and plan printer with liquid toner or powder must be emptied prior to removal.


Please do not pack computer terminals, personal computers, typewriters or fax machines in cartons.  These will be packed by our staff.  Simply turn off, disconnect the keyboards, screens, printer and unplug from mains power supply.  Cables for use with specific computer equipment are to be placed in a large plastic bag and labelled accordingly.


Refrigerators must be emptied, defrosted and drip trays emptied the day before your relocation.

Special Materials

Liquids such as inks, chemicals, duplicator fluids, pastes and gules should be sealed tightly to prevent leakage.  Be sure to affix a ‘fragile’ sticker to the carton they are packed in.  Keep in mind that dangerous fluids such as toxins, poisons, pesticides and polishes cannot be accepted for transport and may void any insurance warranty.


Framed pictures and charts should be labelled and left handing, so that Chess staff can pack them using specialised materials to ensure their protection.

Location Access

Please ensure that building supervisors and/or security have been made aware of the relocation and the dates.  Also ensure that security, lifts and loading docks are booked at both your uplift and destination location.  Chess will respond to the building supervisor’s requests and confirm bookings, dates and times.

Location Supervisors

Transit insurance cover is not provided unless especially arranged.  Chess recommends that transit insurance be taken and we can arrange for cover as required.  Electrical derangement of electronic equipment such as computers, faxes, printers etc will not be accepted, even on insured claims, without physical evidence of damage.

Please Contact Us and we can discuss any aspect of your office move, and can arrange a no obligation onsite inspection.

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